About Grants West Midlands

Grants WM which stands for Grants West Midlands is a targeted reference point via Finance WM which aims to provide a local resourced solution by helping local West Midlands based business to connect to grants which become available for businesses from time to time. Not always will a business grant be right for a business, or visa versa, however, should this be the case Finance West Midlands is able to help.

We are fully aware that local businesses require the ability to be able to gain access to grants, no matter at what time in a business life they’re at such as business start-up, or business expansion – a local business being able to access finance, in general, is paramount.

By being part of Connect WM it’s able to fit seamlessly within ‘Connect WM’s’ overall business model offering local businesses a targeted point of reference to industry related sectors such as but not limited to Manufacturing WM, Marketing WM, Training WM, Jobs WM and of course Finance WM to assist in fulfilling an array of business requirement needs.

We’ve had a number of success stories whereby we’ve helped businesses connect to finance which as a direct result has helped their continued growth and expansion, through an increase of production and sales as well as through recruitment – which in turn contributed towards bettering the local West Midlands economy.

The whole topic of finance covers a wide range, much of which can be confusing to many a lay business person – so in order to help further we also operate Finance WM, Business Angels WM, and Loan Fund WM.

These as the names suggest deal with specific and targeted finance options, whilst we do our utmost to help all local businesses it has to be understood that any success in finance/grant applications is very dependent on circumstances of the business and persons within, as well as being in the right place at the right time particularly when looking for grant funding.

Should you have a need for business funding and wish to see what your options may be then please feel free to contact us for a no obligation and totally confidential assessment.