West Midlands Businesses being asked to pay upfront fees

West Midlands Businesses are appearing to be increasingly targeted by unscrupulous companies requesting that they be paid up front for assisting local West Midlands based businesses gain access to business grants. Some of the most recent calls to the offices of Grants WM are highlighting that whilst some of the general business grant information being offered by such companies to many unsuspecting local West Midlands businesses is correct. Part of the information which is being saved until such fees have… Read More >

Business Grant is not that easy to get?

A Business Grant in the West Midlands is not as easy to obtain as some local businesses would like to believe or think. Reality is that there can be a lot of wasted time and effort which has to go into making an application for most business grants, as of course as you’d expect within each specific business grant there is set a criterion which has to be met. It is exactly because of the set criterion which is how… Read More >

Business Cash Advance helps retail businesses access finance

Business Cash Advance is a new finance product which can be accessed through Finance WM, by retail businesses looking to gain access to finance within the West Midlands. Although the name of the finance product may say it all, this new finance product which has so far proved to be both very successful and popular for the past few years in America – is now starting to prove to be a big hit here in the UK. Is a Business… Read More >

Relocation Grant helps a business move into the area

A Relocation Grant is available to West Midlands businesses, as a business who was based in Burton-Upon-Trent found out. It was during a conversation about their business utilities with local company Squashed Bills – when it was highlighted by the Burton-Upon-Trent business that they were looking to relocate within the West Midlands region, to Birmingham in actual fact. Only a few weeks before the phone conversation they had viewed offices within the Quinton area of Birmingham which were based on… Read More >