Relocation Grant helps a business move into the area

Business gets £15,000 Relocation Grant

Business gets £15,000 Relocation Grant

A Relocation Grant is available to West Midlands businesses, as a business who was based in Burton-Upon-Trent found out.

It was during a conversation about their business utilities with local company Squashed Bills – when it was highlighted by the Burton-Upon-Trent business that they were looking to relocate within the West Midlands region, to Birmingham in actual fact.

Only a few weeks before the phone conversation they had viewed offices within the Quinton area of Birmingham which were based on a main road routes into the city centre, and they were just starting to initiate confirmation of the proposed move.

They were totally unaware that a Relocation Grant was available but luckily Squashed Bills was able to refer them to Grants WM who was able to explain the Relocation Grant criteria in greater detail.

Happy to proceed and know more, a Grants WM representative visited the company at their premises in Burton-Upon-Trent and the paperwork for the Relocation Grant was duly completed.

A Relocation Grant has paperwork like other business grants

As always with Business Grant applications there are certain amounts of paperwork to be provided by the company seeking the grant, this was done and the company were successful in their grant application, subsequently receiving a £15,000 Relocation Grant helping them to move into the offices in the Quinton.

A spokesperson for Grants WM said “this displays that although there are many business grants out there – many local West Midlands businesses do not actually realise what is out there.”

“We were really please to Squashed Bills for the referral as is the business who received £15,000 Relocation Grant just for initially taking the time to talk on the phone about their business utilities.”

Local West Midlands businesses being able to get access to finance is really import for the region and as such we’re only too happy to be playing our part in helping to boost local businesses and the region’s economy.